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Our products do not contain Synthetic colours or additives

Each of Kakkattumana’s products is made without the addition of any artificial chemicals. Care is taken to ensure that the latest products are prepared in the traditional manner only on demand (except for products made with raw materials such as mango, jack fruit and nutmeg, which are made only for each particular season). The ingredients of most of the kakattumana products are derived from the knowledge of those who have traditionally made them and obtained as per the instructions of such people.
Some products like fenugreek and erimanga have been made and used only in Namboothiri families in Kerala since time immemorial. The ingredients for this came to us through experienced people who made it.

People who regularly use the hair oil we prepare say that it greatly reduces hair loss, relieves dandruff, and for others, darkens the hair.
Only completely natural ingredients like Brahmi, Aloe Vera, , Henna, Amla, Indigo leaf and Curry leaves are used to make Kakkattu Mana Hair Oil. If those who regularly use Kakkatu Mana Hair Oil have any of the above experiences, it is only because of the uniqueness of these herbs that they are quite medicinal.

Pickles and chakkavaratti should be kept in airtight containers in the fridge as no artificial chemicals are added to the kakattu mana products.


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